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Making the decision to adopt a child can be one of the happiest and most rewarding times in a person’s life.

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Family Law

Child Custody

One of the most important relationships is the parent-child relationship. These bonds help children to grow and thrive, and can affect them for the remainder of their lives.

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Child Support and Visitation Enforcement

Some of the main elements of any divorce involving minor children are financial child support and the terms of visitation for the non-custodial parent.

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Though no marriage is completely perfect, when disagreements between spouses turn into deal-breaking situations, it can lead to the dissolution of a marriage more commonly called a divorce.

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Grandparent Rights

While there’s no federal grandparent visitation law, states across the country recognize grandparents’ rights, and Texas is one of them.

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When a family court issues a final order with regard to child custody, child support, and spousal support, the order will likely address the needs of all family members at that time.

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Establishing paternity will benefit the child, the father, and the entire family.

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Premarital Agreements

A prenuptial agreement, or a “prenup,” is a legally binding marital contract finalized prior to marriage, detailing what property belongs to each party upon entering the marriage and who will have management rights over that property.

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Property Division

In the divorce process we are taking one household and dividing it into two separate households.

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